The Newest Snapchat Show From MetDaan Is Up For Grabs

The Newest Snapchat Show From MetDaan Is Up For Grabs

It has been a while since Snapchat launched a new feature, Snapchat shows. A lot of Snapchat partners decided to explore it themselves, and MetDaan was one of them. Last November, the ever-growing company launched its first show, Pamper Yourself. But, we didn’t stop there.


At MetDaan, we have been cooking up the newest DIY Snapchat show and its first episode was served on September 25th, 2019. Craft It Yourself will bring the best ingredients to make the most innovative and useful DIY.


The digital media company MetDaan is growing daily, and it seems that Snapchat users are lovin’ it. After our immense success with 2 seasons of Pamper Yourself, a beauty and style show, we have decided to hit the internet with a must-watch show about arts, crafts, and DIYs. MetDaan is thrilled to present Craft It Yourself and to give our audience the best, most unique, and most creative online content.


MetDaan’s previous show, Pamper Yourself has amassed +100 million video views monthly and is already on its third season. Its loyal audience is always there for the makeup looks and the genius skills. From bold looks and eyebrow transformations to step-by-step tutorials, Pamper Yourself has got you covered. The audience asks, and MetDaan never fails to deliver.




Craft It Yourself gathered almost 100 million video views only with its first four episodes, so it is safe to say that it will be a big hit. 269K people have already subscribed to the weekly episodes and the audience keeps growing on the daily.


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